• Five Nights at Papa's

    Pizza delivery by day, zombie slayer by night.

  • Nyctomorph

    Don't stray far from the light...

  • Linear Lab

    An interactive Linear Algebra textbook.

  • Crop Rush

    A delightful tractor puzzle game!

  • KTaNE Assistant

    A KTaNE assistant for when you're alone.

  • League of Legends Match History

    A small dive into the League of Legends API.

  • Pixel Breaker

    Space Invaders meets Brick Breaker!

  • Nokia 3310 - Tic Tac Toe

    Tic Tac Toe with the Nokia colour scheme!

  • SelFISH

    A short 5 minute story about fish.

  • Disco Mayhem

    It's mayhem in the disco room, there are disco balls everywhere!

  • Pixel Invaders

    A mix of a quiz game and the classic space invaders.