KTaNE Assistant

A KTaNE assistant for when you're alone.

A high-school project made to help users play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes without the need of another player. Simply start up the program and describe the bomb as it tells you which wires to cut or what code to insert.

Built With



  1. Clone the repo
    git clone https://github.com/Multipixels/Keep-Talking-and-Nobody-Explodes-Bot.git
  2. Install Python package dependencies
    pip install pynput
    pip install pyttsx3
    pip install pyaudio
    pip install vosk
  3. Install a Vosk Audio Recognition Model. Put it in the root folder of the repo.
    • The only two models supported are the following.


Run the main.py file. If installation was done correctly, a window will popup. Wait until it shows “Bot heard: Ready to Listen!” When you’re ready to start, press the “Activate” button below. Press it again if you want to stop.

Full tutorials will be found here.

For more in-depth details on specific modules and information, please refer to the Wiki.

GitHub Page