Pixel Invaders

A mix of a quiz game and the classic space invaders.

Pixel Invaders is a side-scrolling shooter where you take the role of a spaceship to conquer space. Pixel Invaders has gone through 3 different variations of gameplay.

It was originally an entry to A ‘Tru 2D’ Game Jam, the first game jam I participated in. This version of the game featured 3 enemy types. A gameplay video is provided below.

I expanded onto the game after the game jam. Added more enemy types, a point system, as well as a shop to buy upgrades and customizations. Alongside this, I made ported the game to be touch-screen friendly. Below is a gameplay video from my phone (please excuse the game resolution issue, I hadn’t figured out how to do that at the time 😅).

Finally, a few years later, I reused Pixel Invaders as part of a school project. This is the version currently available on this page to play.

This new version features stages of enemies, split apart by trivia questions.


Only mouse and keyboard is supported.

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