About Me

Hello! My name’s Richard Motorgeanu and I’m an undergraduate student at McMaster University studying Computer Science with a passion for Game Development. I’ve been creating games and programming since the 6th grade, when I made my first game Pixel Invaders. Since then, I’ve participated in numerous game jams and worked on multiple personal projects. Below, you’ll be able find some of my favorite projects, but you can find a full list on the Projects page.

Outside of academics and programming, you’ll most likely find me gaming. I’m also currently on McMaster’s Fencing Varsity team 🤺.

Want to contact me? Feel free to email me here: motorger@mcmaster.ca.

Featured Projects

KTaNE Assistant

A high-school project made to help users play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes without the need of another player. Simply start up the program and describe the bomb as it tells you which wires to cut or what code to insert.
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Crop Rush

A game made for the Ludum Dare 52 game jam. Crop Rush is a short puzzle game in which the player has to harvest all the crops in the least amount of moves possible. The game is inspired by Club Penguin's Thin Ice minigame
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A game made for the 5th NOKIA 3310 Game Jam game jam. Nyctomorph is a short survival adventure game in which the player has to survive the night, alone in a dark forest, with only a campfire and a handful of twigs scattered about. Don't stray far from the light... who knows what could be lurking about?
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